Canada Freelancer

Canada Freelancer:

We have just created this platform for Canadian people which
serves as online marketplace for freelancers. The purpose of its creation is to provide
local community with a breath of fresh air and enable Canadian freelancers to work for
companies and provide services around the globe. In this era of technology freelance
economy is growing rapidly and there is a lot of Canadian people can offer to world. The
background of creation of this platform is to cope with issues of unemployment as there
are many people that struggle to find relevant jobs and end up with dead end jobs
careers for living. The second reason is that due to exchange rate of CAD to USD, it is
cost effective to hire Canadian people thus having a positive impact on the economy as
Looking at the demographics, approximately 75% of the Canadian population is
employed in the services industry, and this means that the country has a large number
of freelancers looking for remote work positions. Statistics suggest that there are
approximately 2.7 million self-employed workers across Canada. This represents 15%
of the Canadian workforce, and an increase of 700,000 in the last Freelancers decade. Government
officials suggest that this figure will continue to increase in the future as the younger
population looks to secure more independence and flexibility in their lives. Traditionally,
85 percent of Canada’s workforce has consisted of the employed. But that’s about to
change. There are estimates that 45 percent of Canada’s workforce will be “on demand”
or “freelancing” by 2020. This is a continuation of an upward trend that started with the
financial crisis of 2008.
At we are committed to provide space for quality, innovative and
best of class services reliably so that people and businesses across the world can join
hands and get the desired services in diverse areas including Website-App & tech,
Graphics and media, Digital marketing, Video & animation, Business and Writings etc.
Our clients can rest assured that their private information is secure, thanks to strict

and resources generated by this will be used for advertising and growth of our website
to attain our goal to be among top 3 freelance websites by foreseeable future.

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